Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nyakins 101

Learning the art of doing my daughter's hair is an adventure. Rarely does she sit still for more than 10 seconds at a time, so I find myself following her bobbing head back and forth across the changing table as she reaches for objects to keep herself entertained.

Second, her hair is two textures (which isn't bad considering I have three or four) and is also different lengths in different places (longer at the crown, shorter on the sides and in the back). I recently started flat twisting her long hair (which is drier) after her baths, with much better results in the morning. The flat twists enable her curls to stick together and, as we all know, there is strength in numbers. When I take the twist out, the hair is soft and tangle-free. But since I don't know how to style her hair other than with a bow or a headband, her hair tangles as the day goes on, and by nighttime it's rather fuzzy (she's a busy little bee :)). I'm still learning to make time to twist her hair up again at night, so come morning, I usually have to re- wet it, add my detangling leave-in, and detangle it all over again before I moisturize and style it. Where does the madness end??

Then there are the shorter areas on the sides of her head. They're softer, but the hair is still tightly coiled so it lays close to her head, making it difficult to flat twist, especially when she's moving about!

Tonight I flat twisted as much hair as I could, even in the shorter sections, being careful not to pull the hair too tight, as baby hair is delicate. Styles that are too tight along the hairline can cause thinning. For the short/thin areas I did two-strand twists. I'm interested to see how her hair turns out in the morning.

I know I will learn the best regimen for her hair, but until then it's trial and error, just like with anyone's hair journey, especially my own!

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