Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas '11!

I completely forgot to post Christmas pics! And for someone who loves Christmas as much as I do, that is shocking! 
I pulled it back into a half ponytail because I still haven't
figured out how to tame the front of my twisted-out hair.

My style was simple and easy, just how I like it. :) I "dry" twisted my hair a few days prior, then took out the twists before dinner on Christmas. It was soooo silky looking and shiny! By "dry" twisting I mean I used only a teeny bit of water, which I mostly spritzed on my ends, and then applied my shea butter blend from close to my roots all the way through my ends, focusing it on my ends. This was my first time dry twisting my hair in months, and the first time this winter. I have to say I really enjoyed my twists being longer and more stretched out, as opposed to their post-wash, shrunken and springy state.

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