Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Growth Squared!

I find it very interesting that my hair has grown 2 inches in less than 2 months, because in that same time frame I feel like I've grown personally as well. These past two months have stretched me, to say the least. And, even though I know I've progressed and matured to a point where I've never been before, there were times that I doubted my growth. Times when I disappointed myself or became discouraged. Similarly, these past two months I feel like I've made more mistakes and had more setbacks than ever before in my hair growth journey.

When I was taking my twists out to wash my hair the other night and playfully stretched the longest hair to see how far it would go, I was blown away to discover all the growth that had occurred. In spite of everything - the wool scarf causing mats and knots that I had to cut out; the experimental stretching that at times led to my hair being drier than I'm used to - in spite of it hair still grew. It persevered. And so did I. Through the moments when my character was being tested, through the disappointments in myself, through the self-doubt and growing pains...I still grew and I came through the fire stronger than I ever believed I could be. 

The only difference between my significant hair growth and my personal growth? I can, without a doubt, attribute my hair growth to my own abilities and efforts. But my personal growth, now that comes from my walk with the Lord!


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