Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bobby Pin End Sealing Technique

Whoa, that's a mouthful, isn't it? LOL! I have Shelli of Hairscapades to thank for this one. I read her post yesterday about Cipriana's sealing technique, and since I wanted to make sure my braided-out ends didn't frizz overnight, I decided to give it a whirl tonight. I carefully spritzed my ends that were still clumped together from the braids and squeezed the excess water from them. (I'm glad I purposefully decided not to separate the braided sections too much because I don't think I'd still have such great definition tonight and I most likely would've had to re-braid some of it.) Then I applied my new natural oil blend to seal. I'll post the results soon!
To get my "fuzzy halo" to lay down, I applied my new natural oil blend
down both sides of my center part, then followed up with gel.
All pineappled and ready for nite-nite! See you in the mornin', tendrils!


  1. Your braid out looks really good Lauren!! Very pretty!!



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