Monday, March 12, 2012


When I started this blog, my intention was to share my hair growth journey. However, I never could have anticipated that this one seemingly small area of my life - my hair - would have the power to influence other areas of my life. If you follow my blog then you already know the success I've seen as a result of disciplining myself with how I cared for my hair inspired me to start running last year. Well, that urge to run is still in me. In fact, many times while driving, when I pass a runner, I find myself wishing I could pull the car over, get out and run with them! LOL! I've been training for the past several weeks and I registered for my first 5K two nights ago. I'm so pumped!!!

This burning desire to run does not surprise me though. I've posted before about how disciplining yourself in one area of your life often leads to discipline in other areas. It's just how it goes.

For example, back in November my Hubby started a weight management program (last time he weighed himself he'd lost 18lbs!!!). Now, when my Hubby commits to doing something, he does it and makes no excuses. So naturally I began tailoring my food shopping and cooking to his needs, and consequently we all started eating better, healthier foods (thank you, Honey! :)). Our healthier diet went hand-in-hand with my running because if you've ever worked out on a consistent basis then you know how working out makes you want to eat better and take better care of yourself in general. As a result, I am very disciplined about what I put into my body.

Then in January I went for my regular dental check-up and was told that I needed to improve my flossing and fluoride use to avoid getting a cavity in one of my molars. Now truth be told, at that point I'd only been flossing occasionally - just enough so I wouldn't get scolded by my hygienist, lol. But this news motivated me! I can't STAND having dental work done, so knowing that I could quite possibility prevent that by flossing and using fluoride daily was exciting to me! Since my dental visit I have only missed one night. No matter how tired I am, I force myself to floss and rinse with fluoride. Even though I initially changed my dental hygiene habits as a result of negative motivation from my dentist, this has still become yet another area in my life where I have chosen to discipline myself.

Back to what I was saying in the beginning...when I created this blog I had all intentions of writing only about my hair. But now I have so much more to share and I truly feel God has called me to do just that. So from here on out I am going to post about anything and everything - For His Glory. Stay tuned - you're guaranteed to get the natural hair tips you crave - and a whole new perspective on life! :)

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