Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Detangling WITH My Hair ;)

(Sorry for the blurry pic)
Gel has been my "saving grace" lately with all this washing.
This is 2nd day hair with KCCC. I just spritzed with water, smoothed
it down and VOILA! That's about as WnG as I've been able to get so far! LOL!
So recently I've had this crazy theory...

Why not detangle my hair the way it likes to be detangled?! I know - sounds nuts, haha. Here's the thing: I've been finger detangling for a couple months now and I'm loving it - and so is my hair. But recently I've taken this a step further. I used to aim to go through and separate as many strands as I could, with the goal of removing every single little tangle. But since my hair is SO THICK and DENSE, I found that this causes me more frustration, takes longer, and ultimately puts more stress on my hair, which can lead to breakage. And, since I've been handling my hair more than ever before over these past few weeks (running + multiple wash days each week = YIKES!!) - and I can't stand messing with my hair so much, especially since I'm noticing the difference in its health - my goal is to minimize the amount of manipulation during each wash session as much as possible by allowing some strands to remain clumped together if they want to. What do I mean by that? Well, when my hair is wet there are areas where the curls define themselves and stick together without any product. So, instead of trying to rake through each of those tendrils and force them apart with my fingers, now I just leave them alone and gently run my fingers over them to check for major tangles and knots. The result? My detangling process is much less daunting and so much more suitable for my busy, active lifestyle. Here are the other steps I take during my detangling process:

1. Separate into sections (anywhere from 2 to 8 sections - depends on how much time I have to wash) and  loosely twist each section.
2. Hop in the shower, wet hair and begin applying my favorite moisturizing and detangling conditioner first to my scalp, then down each section of hair.
3. As I rinse each section, I use the pressure and downward motion of the water to help me gently run my fingers through my hair to remove the tangles.
4. After rinsing, I twist the section back up and repeat for the other sections.

I should probably do an ACV rinse or use some sort of clarifying/cleansing product before co-washing, but honestly, I haven't had enough time! I went from having one wash day a week to about 2 or 3! So co-washes between wash days are gonna have to do for now. :)
Yeah...my hair is THICK! It's a forest in there! haha


  1. Your hair is beautiful!! I love it:)!! Wish my hair was thick like yours:)!


    1. Aww thank you, Shelli! You're so sweet. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Yes God has blessed you with absolutely beautiful hair :-) I finger detangle also I'm taking part in the grow out challenge. I got my hair trimmed on Friday so I wont' be trimming again until the change is over!


    1. Good for you! Glad you're taking part in the challenge as well, Radiant :) And isn't finger detangling amazing?!

  3. This is a very important post. Detangling WITH your hair makes the process so much easier, which is why I finger-detangle. I've gone back and forth with different detangling methods, but I always go back to finger detangling because it works best for me.


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