Friday, November 16, 2012

Heatless Waves on Straightened Hair

I am thoroughly enjoying wearing my hair straight this week. My hair is the longest it has ever been and it's been a looooong time comin'! LOL! But I quickly grew bored with bone straight hair so I did a little experimenting. I wanted to add waves to my hair without using more heat. I once watched a Kimmaytube video where she used Bantu knots to add waves to her already straightened hair. After perusing YouTube the other night and coming up empty handed for other heatless methods for my hair type, I decided to do the Bantu knots.

I conditioned my hair with coconut oil (my hair loves coconut oil), focusing on the ends so they would be smooth. I thoroughly brushed my hair with my Denman then did a zigzag part from my crown on down the back of my head (picked up this tip from Nina Pruitt of YouTube; it helps you blend your hair better once you take it down). Then I took one section at a time and set each knot in the direction that I wanted my hair to fall (picked up this tip from my Mom last night, God bless her! she's so knowledgeable about hair!). To secure each knot I put a bobby pin at the base. The results were, well, you tell me! I love it!! More body instead of just straight hair. Lovin' it!  I was only slightly disappointed because when I did it the first time it didn’t hold very long, which I kind of expected since I hadn't used a product to set it (didn't want to add to the already heavy load of products on my hair from the straightening process...silicones, etc.). BUT I noticed that after a few nights of doing this my hair did hold the waves better. :) Note: I took all the pics right after take down.



*Update: I simplified this technique by conditioning my hair each night with coconut oil, focusing on the ends, and twisting my hair into two buns-one at the crown and one in the back, then covering with my satin scarf. Every morning I would take down the buns to reveal wavy, shiny hair. On my really lazy nights I would only twist my hair into one bun at the crown and I would still achieve desirable results. Also, I learned something new about my hair: when it's straight, even though it's strong, it still needs to be handled with care when it comes to keeping it tangle-free. I found that my ends really suffered from using the Denman and/or wide-toothed comb too much while my hair was in its straightened state.


  1. Gawjus!!! You really have me regretting cutting off my length!! I'm finally bl

  2. Aw thanks, Elle!!! You know it'll grow back ;)


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