Sunday, May 19, 2013

How I Moisturize & Seal

During the first cycle of my low-wash regimen I did something that I never practiced in the past...moisturizing and sealing my ends! 

I know, it might sound crazy that this hasn't been part of my regimen. I feel like I hear other naturals talking all the time about how they moisturize and seal on a regular basis. But when my hair began retaining length during my first growth challenge in 2011, I didn't feel the need to add this step to my regimen. 

So why am I doing it now? I felt that with the decreased washing and having my hair out and exposed to the elements half the time (instead of in twists) would make it more vulnerable to breakage. I didn't have a plan for how often I wanted to do it, although I was hoping to get to it at least once a week. My hair was fine the first week, so I left it alone. The second week I lightly detangled twice and moisturized and sealed three times. The third week I kept it bunned and didn't do anything to it.

To seal moisture into my ends, I spritzed my ends with water, applied a little SM Restorative Conditioner, then sealed with SM Reconstructive Finishing Elixir. The Elixir is a new product I received from SheaMoisture for my last event (LOVE that company!!). I love the Elixir's light and non-greasy formula.
Products I used to moisturize & seal. I also used them to set my
hair in braids for a "dry" braid-out after my first

finger detangling session during the second week.
Finger detangling. I braided it up afterwards to keep it 
separated and detangled then released the braids and pulled it up.

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