Thursday, November 7, 2013

Natural Isn't Natural?

There seems to be this sentiment within the natural hair community that being natural is the only way to be; that having relaxed hair is categorically unnatural and, well...wrong. I can admit that I used to feel that way. But is it really natural to be natural? I'd venture to say no, it isn't natural. Not for everyone. Sure, we're all born that way. But that doesn't mean that it comes naturally to all (no pun intended). 

I think most of us will admit that in our relaxer days we were sold out to relaxers. Before I went natural you would've had to pry my relaxer from my cold, dead fingers. Not kidding. I was hooked. Even after I'd completely transitioned I still wondered if I'd done the right thing; if being natural was really for me. After all, I straightened the mess outta my hair anyway so what was the difference? All I wanted was straight hair that was easy to manage and moved like our white sisters' hair. 

And therein lay the mindset. I was under the impression that my natural hair wasn't beautiful but rather needed to be tamed and controlled (straight) to be acceptable. It didn't help that I had no idea how to take care of it either. I'd say the same goes for those of us who haven't made the switch to natural. It's all in a person's mindset and their perception of natural hair. A lot of that is rooted in society's definition of beauty and a person's past experiences.

So before we give the next relaxed sister we see the side eye, let's be mindful that being natural isn't for everyone - and that's okay. At the risk of sounding corny (whoa, hello 1995) our differences are what make us beautiful.

For His Glory,

Lauren <3

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