Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gel Sealing - One of My Favorite Techniques

This has quickly become one of my favorite ways to seal in moisture and achieve well-defined styles. After shampooing and conditioning, I apply my natural oil blend (which is now available for sale, email me to place your order) to soaked hair and work it through. Then I take gel and comb it through the hair with my fingers, one small section at a time. To style, I set my hair in large twists or braids and take them down once they've dried.

The pictures are actually of our daughter's hair. Using this technique is even easier when doing her hair because I can just leave it out to air dry once I've applied the gel. Once our hair is dry, it has a beautiful sheen, it is well moisturized and the curls are very defined.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Straight Hair is Back!

(This post is a little late. My hair has been straight since Monday.) 

After meeting my goal for race day and waiting 6 months to straighten my hair again, I was really excited to whip out the blow dryer and flat iron. I was much less strict this time around in terms of how much heat I used (in fact, I've touched it up a couple times since Monday). I also used a different heat protectant - it's a spray instead of a serum, which makes application easier and keeps my hair lighter and less product-laden feeling. 
May 15, 2012
Nov. 21, 2011

Since straightening my hair in November, I've noticed that my hair
is now filling in. Six months ago this same section
of hair was not this long.
On Tuesday night I did a search-and-destroy trim (I had been long overdue for a thorough one) and then touched it up with the flat iron on Wednesday. Overall my ends felt and looked better. The bottom right picture below is after trimming and touching up.
Nov. 25, 2011
May 16, 2012
My hair is about 2 inches longer at its longest point
and now lines up with my elbows.

My hair is now past bra strap length and about 2 inches from my waist. I'm surprised I was able to retain so much length over the past few months since I started running. More running means more washing, which means more wear and tear on my hair, which can make length retention difficult. But I guess my hair is as strong and resilient as I am. And I say that with all humility because truly, strength does not come without trials. Every trial, every test has a divine purpose. I believe God uses them to fashion us into the best version of ourselves that we can be - for His glory.
Nov, 21, 2011
May 17, 2012


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Race Results!

8:44 for a total time of 29:06 for a 

LONGER DISTANCE (3.32 instead of 3.1)!!!

To GOD be the Glory!!!
Before the race
After the race.
The look on our Puuddy's face made it all worth it! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Race Day Countdown!

~*~*~When you're facing a struggle, your mind will tell you to stop, give up, quit. DON'T. That's precisely the point when you need to tell your mind that YOU'RE in control and that you're NOT stopping until you see VICTORY!!!*~*~*

I realized tonight that I haven't updated you all on my training in a while. It's been going GREAT! I mean, better than I could've ever imagined! I've learned so much about myself over these past few months of training and I can honestly say that I am a better me because of it. Race day is this Sunday, May 13 (yes, I'm racing on Mother's Day! it's actually a treat to myself :)). 

For some reason my nerves were higher than usual this evening as I set out for my 3.1-mile run. It was warm and humid; before I even got into the second mile I got a stitch, which I hadn't experienced in a while. Then a short distance later I got another one. But I fought through them and pressed on!

Another interesting thing happened during my run today. At the points when I was struggling, I found that I had to do more than just pump my arms more to go faster. I literally had to focus my mind on my feet and force them to go faster and drive harder. But that's what we have to do with any struggle we face in life, isn't it? Dig in a little deeper. Stand up one more time. Speak words of victory over ourselves and stay focused on the goal, not the obstacles.

And I've been talking to myself more while running to help keep my mind focused on winning. And today I visualized and focused on the number 29 because I knew I could finish in that time (or less) because I'd done it on Saturday. I just had to keep pushing myself. 

My end time today? 28:46!!! Best time EVER!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Henna: Day 2

These are pics from yesterday, my second full day after the henna treatment. Again, the pictures don't capture the rich burgundy color, but I love it! Anywho, I took the big twists out (the first time I've set my hair like that) once they dried and these were my results. I was quite pleased! :)

After taking all the twists out.
After separating and fluffing :)
My hair was super soft and I especially like how soft and frizz-free my ends were.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My First Henna Treatment!

When I first read my girl Shelli's ( lengthy description of her henna process, I told myself "now there's no way I'm going through all that." But my opinion changed recently when one of my clients began asking me about henna and if I would do it for her. Needless to say, I had to do some research! First stop: I've been subscribed to and following Shelli's blog for months now, so I trust her completely and value her opinion. I studied her henna process and even got in touch with her to ask for some more tips (and to help calm my nerves LOL!). Shelli was both accommodating and helpful, so on Saturday night I took the plunge!

Now you may be asking yourself, why did you use henna to dye your dark brown hair? Because I'm not after color; I want stronger, healthier, softer and looser curls. From what I read on the topic, henna does precisely all those things. For more information on how to henna your hair, I'd suggest checking out this link. It was recommended by CurlyNikki via Hairscapades.
Prepped my work space
Old towels ready!
I allowed the henna to sit for over 12 hours for dye release. On the left: 2 stretchy black headbands to catch any drips
and 3 plastic caps.
I didn't have any more old towels LOL but this paper bag
protected the wall nicely. I was quite proud of my ingenuity :)
I had washed and braided my hair two days before so it was clean
and detangled. I took the braids out right before applying the henna.
Honey and my favorite moisturizing conditioner that I added to
the henna after dye release.
(Shelli's process explains the purpose of the conditioner)
Mixing in the honey and conditioner
Henna's all in! I wish my curls hung this long and loose when dry :/
Saran wrapped my head, covered my hairline with the 2 headbands,
and topped with 2 plastic shower caps.
Winter hat for my heat source
After church the next morning. After rinsing the henna I slept in my DC
and rinsed it out the next morning. I didn't know what to do with my
hair for church, so I spritzed with water and sealed with my natural oil blend.
My hair felt soft and had a healthy glow.
Took a pic inside to see if I could capture the deep burgundy color, but you can't tell.
See the little coppery hairs at my crown? Those were grey hairs prior
to henna!
Will I henna again? Most definitely. I want to reap the results of stronger, softer hair as well as loosen my curls, and that only comes with repeated use. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to more DC's in preparation for flat ironing my hair later this month! ;) I plan to henna again next month.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"The Scorpion"

Recently, after setting my hair in braids, I was too lazy to take the time to bobby pin them across my head to stretch them out overnight. So I very creatively came up with this. I call it "the scorpion" LOL!! It looked so funny I had to take a pic and post it!

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