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Thanks for visiting ForHisGlory Natural! I'm Lauren Smith and I'm a thirty-something wife and mommy of two little girls. I started FHGN in November 2011 to document and share my hair growth journey to waist length. 

In November 2012 - 19 months after beginning my growth journey - I hit my goal of waist length. I was in awe of how much my hair had grown since April 2011. But what I found even more amazing was how much I'd grown personally and in my walk with Jesus Christ. Then in January 2013, after going through a miscarriage in August 2012, we found out that I was pregnant again. This was a major turning point for me. I continued to blog until we experienced computer troubles in July 2013, and for four months I wasn't able to update my blog. During that period I began to question my purpose for continuing the blog and doubted that I should. I was big and pregnant, hormonal, trying to keep up with my 2-year-old, and anxious about my ability to mother two children. I became keenly aware that Puuddy would no longer be my only baby and so I spent a great deal of time simply enjoying the moments with her. I would study her intently, taking in every detail of every moment that I could, trying to absorb them all so I could forever hold them in my heart. I didn't want our second baby to arrive and regret that I didn’t enjoy my one-on-one time with Puuddy. I also prepared for Avaberry's birth, which would be my first natural birth

I gave birth to our second daughter on September 17, 2013. We praised God - and still do - for this new addition to our family. I soon found myself caught up in all the joys and stresses that come with expanding a family. But all the while something kept stirring inside me, encouraging me to stick with this blog until I opened my blog page on October 23 and published my first post since July. It felt amazing. It felt right. It felt like a fresh start. But I was yet to see the incredible plan that God has for my life. I believe I'm still in the process of realizing His plan for me. This one thing I do know: in everything I do, everywhere I go, I am going to glorify my Father in heaven!

So what can you expect to find among these pages? Since reaching my hair goal in November 2012, I've been using this virtual space to share tips on natural hair care as well as provide spiritual encouragement and inspiration through my personal walk with Jesus Christ. You'll find tips and support on running and postpartum exercise with a diastasis recti, as well as miscarriage support. You'll also get to laugh with me as I share my mommying and homeschooling adventures (there are so many!). 

Again, thanks so much for visiting my site! I hope my journey can encourage you along yours.

For His Glory,

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