Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Style 2012

This Christmas I took out my twists and rocked a twist-out. The pics below were before brunch (no, I didn't wear the antlers the whole day, lol). 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"What Do You Use to Deep Condition?"

I know this may come as a bit of a shock, but I actually just got back to deep conditioning regularly. For the past few months I hadn’t been paying much attention to my hair and I wasn’t giving it the attention it needed. There–I said it! Phew! Now that I’ve got that off my chest, lol, I can write the rest of this post!

Admittedly, during the summer months I don’t think my hair requires that extra moisture. So fortunately for me, those few months without regular DC’s didn’t have drastically negative effects on my hair. But in the winter, I think most naturals will agree: DC’s aren’t an option if you live in colder climates. You know how in the winter you have to moisturize your hands several times a day with lotions and creams just to keep them from being dry? This is because the dry air–both indoors and outdoors–draws the moisture out of your skin. And it does the same to your hair. Without the proper amount of moisture–and the right sealing techniques–in your regimen, your tresses can become dry and brittle, leading to unhealthy hair that is vulnerable to breakage. This also makes it difficult to retain length. More on this in a later post.

I’ve tried a few store bought deep conditioners, but nothing seems to work as well for me as the formula I mix up in my kitchen. I’ve posted it before (Yummy Moisture Treatment), but I've recently changed it up. I’m less precise with the measurements now since I just eyeball it for consistency, and sometimes I use a different conditioner as the base, but I still achieve great results.

¼ cup of a moisturizing conditioner
1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (“EVOO”)
1-2 tbsp grapeseed oil
1 tbsp brewed green tea*
1 tbsp honey (optional)

*The green tea is something I’ve recently started adding for its smoothing properties. Yes, due to its acidity it is known for closing the cuticles on the hair shaft (hence the smooth feel of my hair), and the purpose of a DC is to bring moisture into the hair shaft. But for whatever reason this DC formula still moisturizes my hair incredibly well. I like to think the tea helps seal in the moisture. In the past few months I’ve taken to using brewed green tea in several parts of my regimen as it helps keep my thick, dense hair smooth and detangled throughout the washing and styling process.

Olive oil is a great natural conditioner that can penetrate the hair shaft, making hair soft and shiny. Its antioxidant properties are also healing and nourishing to the scalp. It is best to use extra virgin olive oil, as it is olive oil in its most pure form.

Grapeseed oil is a light moisturizing oil that is easily absorbed by the hair. The Vitamin E and linoleic acid in this oil assist in promoting hair growth and strengthening hair. 

I leave the DC in my hair under two plastic shower caps and wrap stretchy headbands around my hairline to seal down the edges. Then I top it off with a winter hat and leave this on for 2-3 hours, sometimes overnight. I take these measures to create a "greenhouse effect" on my head to help the conditioner penetrate my strands. 

"How Often Should I Wash My Hair?"

I often hear this from women who are transitioning or newly natural. It’s a good question because keeping your hair and scalp clean is key to growing healthy hair. Dust particles and lint are easily caught up in the kinks of our hair, and when these particles combine with product build-up, this can lead to clogged hair follicles on the scalp and tangles in the hair. Clean hair is also manageable hair.

A good general “rule” is to wash your hair at least once a week. But the frequency of your wash day is going to be determined by your lifestyle. If you exercise several times a week then you’re going to want to consider washing your hair more than once a week. But if you exercise only once a week or not at all, then you can probably get away with washing only once a week. The key is listening to your scalp and hair. A scalp that is frequently itchy all over is “asking” to be washed. Also, when you look at your hair and you can easily see lint particles or product build-up, then it’s time to wash it.

The bottom line: you have to figure out what works for your hair. Some naturals can get away with washing their hair less often. For example, I haven’t gone for a run in the past 14 days. Two weeks ago yesterday, I washed my hair and set it in large twists. I took the twists out this past Thursday and rocked a twist-out for two days then bunned it for the Walk the Talk event and didn’t take it down until Sunday night. Aside from the fact that I had to wash all that gel out, I knew my hair needed to be washed because A) it had been two weeks and that is my hair’s limit when I don’t run (when I do run, I have to wash it once a week); and B) I massaged my scalp after taking out the bun and I could literally feel the dirt on my scalp, plus it was itching. I cleansed with a sulfate shampoo diluted with distilled water and a little grapeseed oil and slept in my deep conditioner.

What do I use to DC? Stay tuned to find out ;)

FHGN Hits the Red Carpet!!

This past Saturday, ForHis Glory Natural hit the red carpet for the first time! This was my first fashion event, so my dear friend and celebrity stylist Tish Thomas, Director and Founder of #1 Fashionista Inc., styled me. I was beyond excited!!

Walk the Talk is hosted by Philadelphia teen Fashionista Tweety Elitou and is described on her blog as an event that “has become one of Philadelphia’s most talked about affairs as it has pulled together many distinguished fashion stylists, designers and bloggers from as close to New York and as far as the Virgin Islands” ( I must quickly admit that I would not have been able to get into this event if not for Tish’s connections. While mingling with the 100+ guests, Tish introduced me to several people and by the end of the evening I’d become acquainted with photographers, bloggers, local business owners and more. (And of course I exchanged business cards, which was great!) But better yet, I walked away from the event with new friends. So in my book that was a successful event!

Now of course you know I had to make sure my hair was on point!! LOL! For the look Tish wanted to achieve, she suggested a high bun. I was relieved because after our trip to KOP Mall on Friday, I didn’t have any time (or energy) the night before to wash and set my hair for a braid-out as I’d originally planned. Fortunately I’d taken out my twists on Thursday night so even though my hair was dirty (I’ll talk about that later, lol!) it still looked nice as I was reaping the benefits of “second day hair.” I whipped out my sock bun, my green tea spray bottle, hair ties, bobby pins, gel and…ta-da! I had a huge high bun, lol. This was my first time pulling a twist-out into a sock bun and I loved the texture it gave to the style. It was a nice complement to the look Tish put together as well.
Love how my twisty coils were poppin'!
It looks a bit fuzzy because I didn't have a chance to take a pic until
the end of the night.
My dear friend and Director & Founder of #1 Fashionista, Inc. Tish Thomas
You can keep up with Tish and her latest projects here.

Didn't Tish do an amazing job?! I was so thrilled with the finished look!!!

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