Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For His Glory

To most naturals, long hair might not mean much. But my hair growing down my back represents much more than just long strands of keratin; it symbolizes my potential. All my life my hair was always capable of being long; it only didn't grow long because I didn't know I could grow it long. Similarly, all my life I've had this amazing, God-given potential inside of me, and I didn't know I had it in me. I'm just now starting to realize it...I catch glimpses of it in the quiet moments, when it is just me and my King. He gave me my hair and He gave me my potential. My potential is unlimited, and when it feels limited it is only because I am limiting it.

My hair is the longest it has ever been and it continues to grow, and I'm just now grazing the tip of the iceberg of my potential; I have yet to unleash all of the greatness that lies idle beneath the surface of my being. But God...oh, but GOD! He has a plan for my life and I know it is great, much greater than anything I can imagine. And it all starts with me tapping into the potential He gave me.

This blog was birthed out of a deep-rooted belief that I had something to contribute to the natural hair community. The more I post, the more I feel this greatness that's inside of me bubbling to the surface. My hair journey is about much more than hair - it's about becoming.

How about you? What are you doing with your potential? If you're like me and you've tucked it away for years, snuffing it out under the weight of mediocrity, then start today. Unleash your potential. Let the greatness out and watch God's hand move!

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