Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Length Check Prep: Almost Waist Length??

Well I'm four days out from straightening my hair and doing an "official" length check! This will be my first time using heat on my hair for seven months! That was definitely an accomplishment for me. For the longest time I didn't know how to style my hair without heat (nor did I want to).

My goal is to achieve waist length hair, and not just at the longest part. I've had layers for years, and I want to grow them out. Now that I know how to grow my hair long, I can do that. So, since my goal is to retain length, I am taking all the necessary precautions I know of to make sure my tresses are well protected through this process.

After my cottage cheese fiasco two nights ago (sorry, still haven't posted about that yet, but it's coming) I set my hair in large twists and tucked them up under my satin scarf. Yesterday I wore the twists pulled back, and last night I tucked them up again. This morning I took each twist out, lightly misted each section with water, then ran my shea butter blend à la Naptural85 of YouTube through it. I misted extra water and put more shea butter on my ends, then I braided each section. Hopefully when my hair dries it will be nicely stretched.

The next step? Searching for knots and split and weathered ends and cutting them off. This is going to be time consuming but oh so worth it in the end. Follow me on Twitter @ForHisGlory5 as I count down to Straightening Day!


  1. I haven't done a length check in so long...I need to get going with it lol

  2. Go for it! Take pics, I wanna see! :)


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