Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twist-free night

Nyakins and I were both too tired last night to twist up her hair. This morning her hair was still soft and pretty detangled, though! I couldn't believe it. So maybe I don't have to twist her hair every night after all...! We'll see. :)


  1. Twist Outs are my absolute favorite, but I do not Twist it up every night. I can honestly go 2 extra days without re-twisting my hair. I just put a bonnet on my hair and go to. I will fluff it up in the morning and I go.

  2. They're my favorite, too!! I used to twist my hair so I could wear twist-outs, but then I got so lazy and started just wearing my hair in twists cuz it's so easy! I WISH I could re-twist after I take them out. My hair is so thick & tangles so easily that I just end up washing a few days later and starting over.


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