Friday, December 30, 2011

Banding: My New Fave Stretching Technique?

The hair ties come in a variety of colors. I love how bright and
cheerful they are :)
Two nights ago I banded my hair for the first time. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, banding is when you secure several hair ties down each section of your hair to stretch it out while it dries. I read up on banding at a favorite and trusted source, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care. There I learned about the process and that Goody hair ties are safe to use because they're soft so they don't break your hair. Up until this point I hadn't found a stretching method that I liked, but I think this might be the one for me. :) 
I twisted the ends of all the sections except for the two in the front, which I braided, to help protect my ends. Also, I made 8 sections instead of the 6 that I usually detangle and wash it in because I discovered that the thickest section of my hair (the crown and sides of the crown) is easiest to keep detangled and manage when it's divided into smaller sections. The funny thing is that for months I avoided sectioning it further because I thought it would be more work, when actually the opposite is true. Turns out it is much less time consuming (and frustrating) to make more sections. I love my silly little discoveries :P
The next morning. I bobby-pinned each section to the opposite side
of my head to keep it stretched. Then I wrapped my head with my
satin scarf as usual.

How do you prefer to stretch your hair?


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