Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coconut Oil Changes Texture?

The last time I washed my hair, I noticed that it felt, better different. I couldn't tell if it's because my hair is now beginning to weigh itself down due to its length, thereby making the curls appear more elongated and uniform, or if it's due to the coconut oil that has become, at least for now, a permanent part of my regimen. Aside from the appearance of my curls, they also feel softer. Sorry, the pictures aren't that great, but it was already late so I didn't want to stop twisting for the sake of taking better pictures in the bathroom! lol

Dampened hair with Kimmaytube leave-in. I have my
hand behind it in an effort to show you my curl pattern. 
Maybe this one catches the curl pattern better.
It hasn't even been a month yet and already I think the coconut oil has vastly improved the overall texture and consistent moisture of my hair.

Have you been using coconut oil for a while? 
Have you noticed an improvement in your hair as a result?


  1. Lauren, I haven't gone back to your older posts to see when you use coconut oil in your regimen, but I definitely love it (in the form of Vatika oil) for pre-poos. I think it is one of the reasons my hair retains moisture pretty well and stays soft, for the most part.

  2. Coconut oil is amazing for moisturizing hair I've noticed it makes a huge difference in mine when it's starts feeling dry as well. The only peeve I have with it is it's a little on the heavy side so I only use at night before I wash it in the morning.

  3. @Shelli - I use it for pre-poos and for moisturizing my scalp and hair in between wash days. I think it's the reason my hair retains moisture so well too. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  4. @Lena - yes I agree - coconut oil is amazing for moisturizing hair and you're right, a little goes a long way :)

  5. OK, so last night I read your posts on coconut oil and I am giving it a shot. I applied some to my hair this AM, while it was wet. I figured that if it works on natural hair, it must do amazing things for my over-processed hair :)

    I'll let you know.

  6. LOL that's great, Karla! Thanks for sharing! I'm very interested to see what it does for your hair. :)


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