Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My New Regimen!!!

Drum roll please...
I kept the twists in for the entire time between wash days,
which ended up being 13 days. Keeping the twists in and waiting
until almost the 2-week mark to wash were both totally unintentional moves.
I'd much rather wash my hair once a week (which it seems to need).
But since I started using coconut oil for between-wash moisturizing,
my scalp has been itching much less.
I've changed up my regimen!! 

This is a huge deal for me because I'm learning what works and what doesn't work for my hair. Before I started pre-pooing with coconut oil, I used to use olive oil to detangle and section my hair for washing. I also did a lot of ACV rinses, which were fine for the summer, but apparently my scalp doesn't like them in the colder months, so I cut those out completely. And I always thought olive oil was the best thing for my hair, but I didn't have anything to compare it to. 

Until now! Since I've started the coconut oil pre-poos (and just using coconut oil in general) my hair has been responding so well! It's softer, shinier and altogether just looks, feels and acts healthier. Hooray!!

My new regimen also includes a new step: finger detangling. Now, when I first heard about ladies with hair my length finger detangling their hair before detangling with a comb and/or brush, I thought, now that seems kinda fanatical....But, there's one thing I know about fanaticism and that is this: 

That which is considered fanatical to the undisciplined is passion to the disciplined. 

So now I finger detangle my hair with coconut oil, and by doing so I'm minimizing the amount of brushing I need to do which cuts down on damage.

Other changes I've made:
  • Section my hair into 8 sections instead of 6
  • Co-washing exclusively - no shampoo
  • Only use the Tangle Teezer - no more comb or Denman (more on the Teezer later ;))
  • Add more oils to the Kimmaytube leave-in
  • Seal with Shea Moisture CE Smoothie
  • Moisturize scalp and hair with coconut oil in between washes
These next two aren't regimen-oriented but I think they've definitely helped:
  • Wear a beanie out on really cold days
  • Replaced my winter wool scarf with a satiny one
Thanks to these changes, my hair feels stronger and healthier!

The amount of hair that came out after finger detangling
(don't worry - I didn't run it down the sink, lol!). I'm assuming
it's mostly shed hair. I don't take the time to look through it
cuz I don't want to stress out over every single hair. 
Sectioned into 8 instead of 6. This makes
washing and Teezer detangling easier and faster.

I took this picture to show how moisturized
my hair was up until wash day. I pre-pooed my
hair (while still in twists) and scalp with coconut oil
4 days prior to wash day, which was yesterday.
I'm amazed at how soft and moisturized it stayed
between washes.
What changes have you made to your regimen? 
How has your hair responded?


  1. uilized the coconut oil before I shamppoed it! Great results! My curls turned out even better than usual! I have to buy some more b/c I am out. But it works well for me!0.

  2. Isn't the coconut oil amazing?! I have to buy some more soon too. Glad it works well for you too! :)

  3. I love coconut oil!!! So you like the tangle teezer better than the denman brush?? I thinking of buying one but dont know which? Any suggestions? :-)

    Check me out www.whatccthinks.blogspot.com

  4. Hey CC! Thank you for subscribing, commenting and, most importantly, for sharing your blog with me! I didn't know you had one. Now I'm subscribed :) I definitely prefer the TT over the wide-toothed comb and Denman. With the TT I don't need to use the comb, and compared to the Denman, there's much less pulling and tugging when I'm using the TT. Be open to trying the TT and Denman. You never know what works best for you until you try it for yourself :) have fun!

  5. I use vatika oil as a prepoo and I love it. I also use it in between washes. I started finger detangling which is really hard b/c my hair tangles easily but I think it has helped me retain more hair. I've been doing it for about a month. It's still hard to resist the urge for that comb!

  6. Vatika oil is something I've heard of but know nothing about. Now you've got me curious, lol, so I'm gonna check it out. Finger detangling is no picnic for me either, I assure you, lol, but I agree - it's definitely an effective way of retaining hair.

    1. Lauren, Vatika oil is just coconut oil infused with some other goodies. That's what I use for pre-poos, but the base is still coconut oil and it gets solid in the cold or at room temperature because it really is coconut oil:). I did a post on my site with coconut/vatika oil ... I think it's under the, "My Staples" tab under "About Me" if you want to read more about it:).


  7. Thanks for subscribing!! :-) I'll try both!!!

  8. Replies
    1. That finger detangling is the BEST! I didn't think I could do without my handy dandy comb but after my hair started popping, breaking and coming out in balls, I decided to give it a try. I only do it wet and the amount of hair I have saved from being washed down the drain is AMAZING! Been using Vatika oil as well for about a year and love it as a pre-poo! Yaaaay for results!

  9. I just found out about your blog. My hair seems to have some similarity to your and I see that you have been very successful, so I'll be paying attention to your techniques! Thanks for sharing!


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