Friday, January 6, 2012

Natural Hair Challenge 2014

A few months ago I stumbled upon this movement called the Natural Hair Challenge 2014. At the time I was still in the midst of my no-heat growth challenge, so the mission of the Challenge caught my eye. Since then, I've jumped on board and am now a Correspondent for the movement. I am so thrilled to be a part of this project!

What is the purpose of the Natural Hair Challenge 2014? Its founder, Leesa Burt, says the Challenge:

" for Afro American Women who desire longer hair to challenge themselves to grow their own hair to a length that is satisfactory to them. After two and a half years, we want to eliminate the tendency to wear wigs, weaves and braid extensions. Our goal is to grow out our own hair 'Naturally' without any chemical relaxers or perms."

Joining the Challenge is FREE at and you can grow your hair out however you choose: braids, wigs, twists, etc. Two years can be a long time in a lot of people's minds, but really, for growing a healthy head of hair, it's a great amount of time because you're giving yourself room for error (after all, there is a learning curve for getting to know your hair) and growth. But it's still an admiral goal, so for support I'd definitely check out the site. Leesa has provided a great list of resources and inspiration that include videos, blogs, etc. (and I'm very humbled that she mentions my own as well!).

By June 2014 I look forward to sharing in your joy of having longer, natural hair! 


  1. Wow... Lauren Thanks for your comments. I like your site as well, it has such good information
    about caring for our Natural Hair. Thanks !!!

  2. Thanks, Lee!! And thanks for stopping by and commenting :)


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