Friday, January 6, 2012

Dealing with Heat Damage

As most of you know, I have quite a bit of heat damage in the front as a result of my years of blow drying and flat ironing (oh, and did I mention that I flat ironed with cheap oil in my hair and many times flat ironed my hair when it was dirty?? Yeah...I had it bad).

Well, while twisting my hair two nights ago, it finally hit me: why not braid the heat-damaged twists (in the front, pictured below) while they were still damp, right after I finished twisting? By allowing the twists to dry while braided, I figured I could achieve a similar texture to the rest of my very curly hair when I took the twists out. Check out my results below. ;)
After twisting
The twists in the front, after I braided them up.
Took out the braids this evening and TA-DA!! SO thrilled with
my discovery! And I'm still LOVIN the healthy sheen. Woo hoo!
Getting to know my hair feels so good :)
Do you suffer from heat damage? How do you blend the textures?

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