Friday, January 6, 2012

And It Just Gets Better...!!!

I took this picture after removing my satin scarf yesterday morning. Now, my hair always has a nice, healthy sheen to it when I use the Kimmaytube leave-in. But this time the sheen was just ridiculous, and although I made some changes to the leave-in recipe, I'm convinced my results are because of my overnight coconut oil pre-poo. I couldn't believe how healthy it looked! And can we say soft and incredibly moisturized?! Holy cow, I was blown away!! I am so in love with coconut oil now!

These are the changes I made to the Kimmaytube leave-in. I added:
  • About 1.5tsp of coconut oil (melted)
  • 2tsp Vitamin E blend
I added the Vitamin E blend to the recipe last time I made it, but this was my first time adding coconut oil. Shoot, after reading about all its benefits, it's hard not to use it all the time, lol! But, to be fair, I added it to my leave-in so I could skip a step while twisting. The past few times I've twisted my hair, I've applied coconut oil first, then the leave-in, then Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This layering of moisture has been great for my hair. I love how it feels and looks afterwards! I learned from Chai at Back to Curly (awesome blog - definitely recommend that you check it out!) that this works great for my hair because the Smoothie seals in the moisture and oils from the leave-in conditioner. I always used to think it was the reverse - that you seal in moisture by first applying a moisturizing cream (a cream that contains water) and then sealing in the moisture from that with an oil. Apparently that isn't the case with my hair. No wonder my hair has been loving this regimen! :)

If you're going to add melted coconut oil to the Kimmaytube recipe, I should warn you that it does harden again, so you'll have little pieces of coconut oil in the mixture after the coconut oil solidifies. I only melted it so I could mix it in easily. The pieces didn't bother me though as it didn't affect my styling ability or the application process.

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