Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preserving Styles Overnight

For those of you with hair that is shoulder-length or longer, here is a great trick for preserving your hairstyle overnight. If you're a wild sleeper like me, lol, you'll find this very helpful.

It's called "pineappling." (We naturals have such funny names for our tips and tricks, don't we?) Take a big hair tie (I like to use nylons for my hair ties; I just cut and tie them and I can make any size I need), lean forward, bringing all your hair to the front, and gently pull all of your hair into the hair tie at the top of your head. Be sure to leave it as loose as possible so you don't wake up to unwanted dents in your hair the next morning. Cover your head with your satin scarf or bonnet at usual (or sleep on a satin pillow). The next morning, simply let down your hair, shake it out and you're good to go! Happy pineappling! :)

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