Monday, February 20, 2012

Ugly Growth

I managed to get in my second 5K training session this evening! The setting sun provided practically no warmth...but I ran anyway. I was really proud of myself. It wasn't pretty, but doing what most won't never is pretty, is it? Wearing one of Hubby's winter hats covered with my fleece hoodie, I felt bummy and unattractive, but I didn't let it bother me. After the first few minutes, my heavy breathing was probably rather loud, but thanks to my music, I barely noticed. Due to the cold, I kept sniffling and wiping the corners of my mouth. I felt like a complete and utter mess - but this feeling also came with an incredible sense of satisfaction and pride. I knew that very few people were out there training when I was, and because of that, I knew I was separating myself from the masses and laying the groundwork for running my 5K successfully in May.
While running this evening, I thought about how similar my 5K training is to my new hair growth. Even though I'm glad to have all these new strands coming in (you can read more about that here) it doesn't make for the neatest styles. The "halo" of 2-3 inch hairs makes my twists and ponytails look fuzzy and messy. Then this thought hit me: 

Growth is rarely pretty

Every time I have decided to change myself and grow, the process has mostly been unpleasant, if not painful. Granted, experiencing new hair growth obviously doesn't hurt. But sometimes when looking at my reflection and seeing that fuzzy halo on my head, I can feel self-conscious if I let it bother me. What gets me through those tough times of personal growth is the same thing that helps me look past the fuzzy halo. Instead of focusing on the pain of growth, I choose to focus on who I will become as a result of pushing and stretching myself to be better. Similarly, I choose to see that short, fuzzy halo all grown in, blending in with my length.

What are you choosing to focus on?


  1. A runner...yay. I'm a runner too and it's the reason I started my natural hair journey in the first place. I love running so much but in all honesty it has really made dealing with my hair very frustrating even while natural.

  2. Yay! When did you start running? I was going to ask you for tips on cold weather running but then remembered you're in CA! Lol. How do you manage your hair with running?


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