Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bantu Knot-Out

It had been a minute since I'd put my hair in bantu knots. I never really felt like I could achieve a good style with them. But two days ago I decided to give them another whirl. Here are my results. :)

After taking out the bantu knots, before separating and fluffing.
I love the healthy sheen. And my hair is so soft. I'll post next about
the new mix I recently whipped up in the kitchen ;)
After separating and fluffing :)
I was going to wear it down until I realized how much my big, fluffy
hair was blocking my peripheral vision, which I do not like! LOL!
So I opted for a headband. I love how my hair turned out!
I finally got to wear this headband. Unfortunately it broke before
the day was through! Surprisingly not because of the thickness
of my hair, but I guess because my head isn't perfect round enough for it!
LOL!! Ah well!


  1. This is super cute girl. I haven't even tried to attempt bontu knots yet lol.

  2. Your results are fabulous! I've not really liked my results with bantu knots either but I think it's because my hair is so fine and I could never achieve the fullness. I'm going to start using my Zizyphus again to see if I can bulk up my hair.

    1. Thank you, RadiantBrownBeauty!! What is a Zizyphus?


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