Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2nd Day Hair ~ Gel Braid-Out

This is going to be a quick n' dirty post, lol. These are the pictures from when I reset my hair, after wearing my natural curl pattern, which I posted about here.

Spritzed and applied my new natural oil blend, focusing on ends. The KCCC was
still very "active," (for lack of a better word) so I didn't have to reapply.
Actually the water seemed to "reactivate" it; I think I could've worn my natural
curl pattern a second time around if I'd wanted to.
Re-braided and then randomly decided to use this stretching technique.
Each braid is stretched and bobby pinned across my head. It's snug but
NOT tight. I didn't wake up with a headache, lol.
The KCCC caked a little in the front, but I just put water on it.
The twisting technique I learned from Teri LaFlesh. Only, I don't tuck
the twisted ends back through the braids.
Ta-da! I was THRILLED with my 2nd day hair!

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