Monday, March 26, 2012

Mid-Week Co-Wash & DC

Even though I love running and how it has become a part of my lifestyle, I must admit, I've kind of let my hair care fall by the wayside as a result. So last week, after my second run of that week, I decided to co-wash and deep condition my hair. I had to do something - my scalp was itchy and dirty from sweating and I knew I couldn't let it go until Sunday (my usual wash day). In hindsight, maybe I should've done a ACV rinse before co-washing, but oh well!

So here are the results after I rinsed out the DC. My hair was soooo defined and pretty soft, I just had to take pictures!

I'm still figuring out how to wash my hair more than once a week without looking like something the dog dragged in, lol, so stay tuned for more posts as I share my learning process!

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