Thursday, May 17, 2012

Straight Hair is Back!

(This post is a little late. My hair has been straight since Monday.) 

After meeting my goal for race day and waiting 6 months to straighten my hair again, I was really excited to whip out the blow dryer and flat iron. I was much less strict this time around in terms of how much heat I used (in fact, I've touched it up a couple times since Monday). I also used a different heat protectant - it's a spray instead of a serum, which makes application easier and keeps my hair lighter and less product-laden feeling. 
May 15, 2012
Nov. 21, 2011

Since straightening my hair in November, I've noticed that my hair
is now filling in. Six months ago this same section
of hair was not this long.
On Tuesday night I did a search-and-destroy trim (I had been long overdue for a thorough one) and then touched it up with the flat iron on Wednesday. Overall my ends felt and looked better. The bottom right picture below is after trimming and touching up.
Nov. 25, 2011
May 16, 2012
My hair is about 2 inches longer at its longest point
and now lines up with my elbows.

My hair is now past bra strap length and about 2 inches from my waist. I'm surprised I was able to retain so much length over the past few months since I started running. More running means more washing, which means more wear and tear on my hair, which can make length retention difficult. But I guess my hair is as strong and resilient as I am. And I say that with all humility because truly, strength does not come without trials. Every trial, every test has a divine purpose. I believe God uses them to fashion us into the best version of ourselves that we can be - for His glory.
Nov, 21, 2011
May 17, 2012


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  1. Lauren, your hair has grown so much and is just gorgeous, but not as beautiful as your spirit!! You are truly inspiring!!! Wishing you all the best!!


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