Thursday, September 13, 2012


After missing my August henna treatment, I was sooo excited to slap that messy stuff back in my hair the other night! Now that I'm back in the henna game, I remember why I started in the first place. With the lapse in treatments, I definitely noticed a decline in the overall health of my hair. I'd like to henna again later this month, but it takes so much time...we'll see. ;)
Post-henna braid-out. This pic was taken after I'd separated and blended the sections.
I set my braids with one of my versions of the KT leave-in and a little Shea Moisture CE Smoothie.

Before separating and blending


  1. Hi, looks great, what brand of henna do you use and where did you grt it from, I haven't had any luck. Thanks

    1. Thank you, Kandi! Cheapest worked best for me. And it's actually really good quality. It's called Dulhan and I get it from the Indian store. It's a really fine sift so it doesn't leave grit in your hair. Good luck!


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