Sunday, September 9, 2012

Waist Length...?

Now that fall is around the corner, I must admit that I'm excited - and a little nervous - about straightening my hair again. With all my running earlier in the summer and then all that comes with being a stay-at-home mom, I haven't been as attentive to my hair as I was when I started this blog. It's still about the same length - past BSL - but the longest point is probably still about two inches from my waist. 

Then I had this realization a few days ago: in order to get my hair to waist length, which was my original goal, I would probably have to cut back my running (in order to reduce wash days) and go back to wearing my hair in twists all the time (my favorite protective style). Sadly, if I want to get back to running multiple times a week (which I do), then twists aren't a good option for me as I'll have to wash my hair more often. 

The irony of this whole thing is that I started running because of my hair and this blog. Don't ask me how, but sharing my hair journey inspired me to dig deeper. I felt accountable to myself and whoever happened to read my blog to push myself to set goals and achieve them - with excellence. Running became a hunger, an activity that I couldn't live without. A shift occurred within me, and before I realized it, the inspiration that I'd once derived from my hair and this blog now came from running. My hair took a back seat - and honestly, it's still there. 

Do I say all this to say that I don't care about my hair anymore? That I'll stop blogging about it? No. Far from it. My hair is a gift from God and I will always see it as such. But I feel as though God has called me to do more, and running is something I cannot give up for the sake of growing a few more inches of hair. 

My husband and I went through a situation recently, one that was both emotionally and physically challenging. I might post about it at a later date. We are grateful, humbled and honored by what God helped us through. But do you know the first thing I wanted to do while I was recovering? I didn't want to do a DC or a henna treatment, or sit for two hours and twist my hair. I didn't want to blog.

I wanted to run.

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  1. Reflective, poignant, honest, and beautiful. This entry reads like a page from your soul. I loved it...and I love you xoxox


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