Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bun with a Side of Sass ;)

This is a quick post on how I styled my hair on Thursday night. We had to run to a meeting and I was crunched for styling time. I stretched my hair by lightly wetting it and moisturizing with a creamy leave-in, then setting it in braids for a couple of hours. I released the braids and pulled it into a high ponytail. (I'll do a post later on how I bunned it.) The front, crimped part of my hair was braided several nights before, so it was completely dry and moisturized with shine to boot!
Please excuse the bathroom pics! I was crunched for time lol
Oops! A lil flyaway. Oh well. I spritzed with water and slicked
my hair down with gel.
Love the healthy shine in the front

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