Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soft, Detangled WnG


I tried something crazy today. I left in my conditioner and put my LEAVE-IN on TOP! I know, sounds silly. But the idea came to me when I needed a quick fix after my run and before going out to dinner. Here's what I did.

I've returned to my ACV rinses and co-washing instead of using my softened shampoo recipe. Since I'm running more now, I want to be sure that I don't strip my hair but also get my scalp and hair clean. So I started there.

I sectioned my hair in half and did my ACV rinse. Then I sectioned it into four and applied Vatika coconut oil, which has henna, coconut oil, lemon extract and other natural oils in it. Then I applied conditioner, followed by a quick finger detangle. Then I topped with my Shea Moisture leave-in. After applying the products to each section, I braided my hair to create a uniform curl pattern and hopefully define the frizz in the front. Well I nailed the back but the front still frizzed, as I suspected it would.
Taking the braids out
Love the definition in the back
Braided the front with two on each side in my attempt to tame the frizz
My hair was sooo soft and incredibly moisturized!

I'll definitely do this again. My favorite part of this style is how well detangled my hair seemed to remain, because usually WnG's equal another detangling session for me!

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