Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conditioning MESS!

In my desperation to find the perfect deep conditioner for my hair, I decided to head to my kitchen and whip something up. I'd often read about an avocado, coconut milk and honey conditioner on various sites, so I gave it a whirl. I didn't measure anything but instead added ingredients so the consistency would be creamy, not runny.

I forgot to take pics of the application process, but my new method for keeping my hair detangled while it gets DC'd is twisting and bantu-knotting each section after applying the conditioner. I donned two disposable shower caps and sat under my bonnet dryer for 15-20 minutes. Then I put on my winter hat to keep the heat in and wore that for a while.

When I rinsed it out, I got a surprise...stiff, not soft hair! Of course, this isn't how your hair should feel after a good DC. I didn't think there was any protein in the coconut milk, but there was protein somewhere in that concoction because my hair felt like I'd just given myself a protein treatment! No problem, I thought. Since my hair is more porous in the front and at the crown, a little more protein was not a bad thing. So I applied a moisturizing conditioner and rinsed before getting out of the shower. (After a protein treatment, always always ALWAYS apply a moisturizing conditioner/deep conditioner, depending on how intensive the protein treatment.)

I thought I was in the clear...until I was in the middle of twisting. What was that?? Tiny, brown little twig-like pieces all over?! But since I was so tired and didn't want to waste the product I'd already applied, I finished twisting, threw on my scarf and hit the fluffies.

Will I try this again? I don't think so. At least not with that same brand of coconut milk! 

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