Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Green Tea Rinse

As I continue to research natural hair care techniques, I find more and more interesting stuff. Like the use of herbs in cleansing and conditioning the hair. Who knew that cup of tea could be good for your hair, too?! I was sure surprised at this!

In my week of braid-outs post I mention using green tea as a rinse to top off an all-natural wash day routine (i.e. no store bought shampoos or conditioners). I prepared the tea and allowed it to cool. I rinsed out my squirt bottle and filled it with tea. I doused each twisted section of hair with the tea. And can I tell you, it felt SO GOOD!! It was absolutely invigorating! And my hair was soft, well-moisturized and sealed to boot! ;) I will definitely be incorporating this into my regimen as often as possible. It's a great conditioner and sealant due to its acidic nature.

Have you done any tea rinses? What kind of tea did you use and what was your experience?

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