Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Pre-Poo Formula

I finally remembered to pre-poo for this week's wash day (yay!). Due to my hectic week, my intentions of braiding my hair every night (like I did last week) flew out the window. So my hair was quickly becoming a tangled mess. I decided to whip up a pre-poo with conditioner - something I'd never tried before. When I have remembered to pre-poo in the past, I've only used coconut oil, which was great, but it doesn't give me enough slip for a thorough finger-detangling. By using my moisturizing conditioner as the base to my pre-poo today, I was able to finger detangle much better.

What is a pre-poo? It is pre-conditioning your hair with moisturizing products (particularly oils) that can penetrate the hair shaft (like coconut oil) prior to washing your hair. To experience the best results, pre-poo the day before wash day.

Here's what I used to pre-poo today:
  • moisturizing conditioner (base)
  • castor oil
  • olive oil
  • apricot kernel oil
I didn't measure anything but just eye-balled it to make sure it wasn't too drippy. Then I sectioned my dry hair with my fingers and began applying the pre-poo starting at the ends. To prevent my hair from tangling again, I twisted up each section after I was done.

Once I worked all the pre-poo through my hair, I took out all the twists and pulled my hair into a high bun. I slapped on a headband and some earrings so I could run out to do a few things. And that was it! So simple. I hope I can incorporate this into my regimen. I'm so excited to see the results when I wash my hair tomorrow! :)

What do you use to pre-poo?


  1. When I see pictures like this, it totally makes me want to chop off my locs and grow natural! Your hair is so thick and GORGEOUS, I just want to eat it! (Is that weird? LOL, you know what I mean!)

    But I'll admit I had no idea what "pre-poo" meant, and as we're both Moms and "poo" often means something else, I clicked on this post with a little trepidation, LOL! I was like, "Oh, Lawd... what did Nyapoo do?" hehehehe.

    Great post and pics, Sissieloo!! xoxo

  2. LOLOL!!! Thanks, Sissie!!! Oh, the wonderful little sayings and expressions of the natural hair world, lol!


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