Friday, January 25, 2013

Cute Updo or New Pineappling Technique?

In an effort to preserve my braid-n-curl, a few nights ago I put my hair up a bit differently for bed. I always pineapple at night, but it usually makes my hair kind of flat the next day. Since my 'do was really bouncy, I wanted to preserve the curl without having to pin curl (I've never pin curled before and I wasn't tryin' to learn at bedtime! lol). So I pulled on my biggest nylon hair tie (I LOVE my hair ties! more on that later) as if I was going to pineapple it, but I wore it kind of like a headband instead. Then I thought, How can I keep my curls bouncy? Next thing I knew I was reaching for my largest, strongest hair clip! I leaned forward to get my hair to hang down toward the floor. With both hands I gently grouped together my ends and pushed them onto my head. Then with my left hand holding my hair in place, I secured my hair on top of my head with the hair clip. Stood up, made a few adjustments, and voila! I was ready for bed. Only time would tell if this new trick would actually work. 
This hair clip is amazing! Rarely do I find a
clip that can hold all of my hair without breaking!
This one does that and I've dropped it many
times but it's still intact. YAY :)
When I woke up the next morning, took off my satin scarf and let my hair down, I was very pleasantly surprised with the had worked!! And not only had it worked, but it looked like day 1 hair!! (Unfortunately I didn't think to take pics of when I put my hair up the first night, so the first two pics were from the second night that I used this technique.) 
My curls still had bounce! The only thing I noticed was that my hair was a little fuzzy on the top. But that doesn't bother me.

Chime in gals - what do you think? Cute updo, new pineappling technique or both? Oh! And did I mention that yesterday I actually DID wear my hear out of the house pulled up like that!! LOL!

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