Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Braid-n-Curl

Yesterday I did my first braid-n-curl. I absolutely love the results! What do you think?!
Here's how I did it:

After shampooing and conditioning my hair this past wash day, I set my braids as usual with my modified Kimmaytube leave-in conditioner recipe (see my Product Preferences page for my version). Unfortunately I had to go out that evening so I wasn't able to set my hair until the next day. But since my hair takes forever to dry, it was still quite damp the following morning. I applied a little SheaMoisture Curl & Style Milk to each braid, making sure my ends were thoroughly coated so they would curl and not frizz. Then I rolled each braid onto a large flexirod. I kept them in until the evening when I had to go out. My hair was still a little damp in the back when I took them down, but I didn't care. "The bigger, the better" is how I think now! 

My accessory-free way of keeping my hair
out of my face - keeping the base of the front
braid secured. 
My hair had such nice bounce to it which I really liked (I'm not used to that with my regular braid-outs). I am definitely keeping this style in my arsenal. ;)

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