Saturday, February 23, 2013

Detangling Debacle

In the beginning of February I had Senegalese twists installed for the first time. I'd been eyeballing this style for a while so I was really excited to get it done. I only ended up keeping them in for just over a week (they were installed loosely and after a spray bottle wash and condition, my roots were pretty messy), but I enjoyed them while they were in. 

Taking down the Senegalese twists wasn't bad. I didn't have a ton so it didn't take long at all. I actually really liked how my hair looked after I took out the extension hair, so I wore it like that for a day or two before I washed it. 

What got me was the detangling process that followed! Now, I'd grown accustomed to finger detangling and hadn't used my wide-toothed comb or Denman brush in a while. So I didn't even think to whip them out when I hopped in the shower to wash and detangle my hair... 

Big mistake! 

And getting my hair wet only seemed to make matters worse. But as a wife and mom, I didn't have time  - or anymore hot water - to get back in the shower to attempt further detangling. I didn't even bother to braid my hair for a braid-out because it would've been too frustrating. I think I ended up bunning my hair or just pulling it up for the next week. I knew that after that detangling debacle, I'd have to use my comb and Denman to make things right again. After all, since I only wash my hair once a week and I have a TON of hair - I mean, my hair is really dense - every wash day I joke with my hubby that I shed a small animal, LOL! I'm serious, y'all!! Sorry, that may have been TMI, but it's true! lol. 
This is how tightly twisted my hair was
prior to finger detangling
Attempting finger detangling on partially
pre-pooed hair.
The next wash day I used my wide-toothed comb and the Denman (on conditioner-laden hair, of course) and I was able to remove lingering tangles and tons of shed hairs that were desperate to escape. I was so relieved to have my hair back to normal! I braided it up and took it down before it dried for a nice, fluffy braid-out that grew as the evening progressed - my fave! :)

Take-away lesson from this experience: for my thick, dense curls I must use a wide-toothed comb and Denman brush to detangle and remove shed hairs after taking down a protective style. 


  1. I too finger detangle and while it does take significantly longer, I think it's better for your hair.

    Do you have a steamer? If not, it's worth the investment. It makes detangling a LOT easier. I bought a hand held steamer - the Q-Redew and girl it softened my hair and made detangling easier. It wasn't necessarily faster but I was able to work all the shed hair out easier.

  2. Thanks so much for the tip, RadiantBrownBeauty! I've heard of the handheld steamers but have yet to look into them. I remember being under a steamer at the salon back in my relaxer days and my hair felt soooo soft! So I definitely believe they work. I didn't think about the steam helping with the detangling process though, so thank you :) I will have to look into that. And yes, I definitely agree - finger detangling is better for our hair. Thanks for leavin' me some love! Peace & Blessings Always, Lauren

  3. Great detangling info, but you should really try the Take Down Remover cream. We detangle all types of matted tangled hair textures and types with the cream. Many times protein conditioners make the hair worse.


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