Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mane Attraction: Deborah Durant

Welcome to the Mane Attraction!!

I am so excited to introduce this new segment of my blog! This will be the first of a series of Mane Attraction interviews wherein I will feature noteworthy naturals and share their stories, techniques and styles. I couldn't be more thrilled to kick off this new feature with Deborah. She is a good friend, sister in Christ and fellow naturalista! Read below to hear how Deborah recently rocked her mini twists!

FHGN: How long have you been natural? 

Deborah: I have been natural since 2003/2004.

FHGN: Why did you decide to get mini twists?

Deborah: I got mini-twists to take a break from yarn braids. Don't get me wrong, I love my yarn braids. However, I recently learned that braiding hair causes a lot of stress and pulling to the hair. I've been getting yarn braids done since August 2012 and took my last ones out in January. Also, my mini-twists have lasted about 2.5 to 3 weeks, including twist-outs or semi-twist outs (as I like to call them). 

FHGN: What are the pros and cons of mini twists?

Deborah: Pros: You could style them in so many ways, similar to braided extensions. Your hair is not stressed and it's been a confidence booster for me. Helping me to understand my hair's characteristics, needs and attributes better. Cons: Most likely you can't keep them in as long as you would or could with braid extensions. 

FHGN: How did you care for your hair while wearing mini twists? 

Deborah: I alternated between shampooing and conditioning and co-washing (just conditioner) every week.  I wrapped my hair at night. To achieve a curly look, I set my twists in bantu knots overnight and unraveled the knots in the morning. 

FHGN: Will you get this style again?

Deborah: Of course. It took around 6 hours or so to complete. My friend did a great job and I think that's why it went quicker. If I had done them myself, I think they would've taken much longer.

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