Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fluffy Braidouts & Smoothing Edges

For the past few months I have been a huge fan of my big, fluffy braid-outs. The fluffier, the better! Here are some pics from today's braid-out. I actually re-did it last night on dry hair, which always yields soft, fluffy, huge hair - YAY :)
The products I use to do a dry braid-out vary. Lately I am lovin' the results that apricot oil has been giving me and my daughter, so I threw that in the mix last night and did a kind of -OC of the LOC method. Taking one section at a time, I applied a little apricot oil, focusing on the ends. Then I topped with SheaMoisture's Curl & Style Milk, also focusing that on my ends so they were smooth. 

After I finished braiding my hair, I applied extra Styling Milk around my front edges and smoothed it down with Puuddy's baby brush. Oh that's right, I never ever ever ever use a bristle brush on my hair other than hers because its bristles are super soft so it's nice and gentle on my baby hairs. Sure, there are quality brushes out there that are safe for my hair; I think I've always heard that boar's head bristle brushes are the best (but don't quote me on that). But I already have this brush and it gets the job done so I'm satisfied :) Anyway, after brushing the Styling Milk into my edges I wrapped my satin scarf around my head and hit the fluffies. When I woke up, this is how smooth my edges looked. I wore another scarf around my edges until it was time to take my hair down to ensure that they stayed smooth.
My hair half-way taken down. 
At first I left the bases of the two front braids secured (my little no-accessory hair pinning technique). But right before I left the house I decided to take them all the way out...
...pulled my hair over to one side, tucked a bobby pin in there and hit the road! :)


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