Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stretching, Parting & Qoileez!

I was really tickled by how well I did Puuddy's hair this past weekend! You see, I never thought I'd be able to pull of a style like this, let alone on my busy 2-year-old, lol. But lo' and behold, I did it! :) Since my flat rope twisting skills are improving, I think her Qoileez! look even better! This little awesome hair accessory is quickly becoming my favorite for Puuddy's protective styles. I love how the Qoileez! stay in place without harming her hair while staying out of the way of her busy toddler activities!
This styling session was different in that I realized Puuddy's hair is now long enough that it needs to be stretched prior to installing a protective style. The three pictures above on the left capture how I stretched her hair using the banding technique. The middle picture shows how I protected her ends by tucking them in the elastic (these are Goody elastics that have no metal band - I think they're called "ouchless" - they're gentle on natural hair). The bottom picture is night 2 of banding because neither of us felt like styling her hair on day 1, lol.
I did the two front twists on the first day. At first I was nervous because this was my first time parting this way and without the other twists in, the parts looked off. So I was thrilled when I was almost done and discovered that I'd done an awesome job parting! This styling session definitely made me realize the importance of parting; it can certainly make or break a protective style.

What new style have you tried on your daughter's natural hair?

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