Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Donut" Bun Step-by-Step

For those of you who are new to the donut bun thingy, here are some step-by-step pics of the bun I did today. 

I started off by moisturizing my hair in sections. I spritzed each section with water (water=moisture), focusing on the ends. I then applied coconut oil (this is an excellent moisturizer and from what I've read, one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft), finger-combing as I went. I sealed my ends with EVOO.

Moisturized my hair in sections prior to bunning.
The new sock bun thingy I made today is on the left.
(Read my post "Quick Bun" to see tutorial.)
It's bigger & has nylon on the outside to protect my hair.
I also rubbed some olive oil on it for added moisture.
In case you were wondering...
I have a LOT of hair! LOL!
One of my trusty hair ties made of nylons. Gentle on my
hair and very stretchy. I put my hair in a ponytail with this.
Put the sock donut thingy around my ponytail.
Find the center of my hair, take another
ponytail holder and put it over my hair so it's
covering the sock bun thingy.
Twist & tuck my hair around the bun,
securing it with bobby pins.
Spritz the rest of my hair with water, slap on
some gel and smooth it down with my hands
(I do not use brushes as they can cause damage).
Cover with a scarf for 20-30 minutes to smooth
it down some more. Makes it look sleek
sans the damage caused by a brush.
(My ear was still red from the scarf, lol.)


  1. If brushes cause damage, what is a good alternative? I probably need to swap out my brushes.

  2. To clarify, I meant I don't use a bristle brush. I use product and the palms of my hands to smooth it down as much as I can. Then set it with a scarf. Smooths it down incredibly well.


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