Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Mind Game

Yesterday felt like my most challenging run yet. Shortly after I started out I realized I'd forgotten to eat! (Yes, I know, a big no-no but we moms sometimes we forget to eat! lol) Then it was really warm out and my mouth felt soooo dry! I'm not gonna lie - a couple times I wanted to stop. I literally thought I had to stop because I was so thirsty. It sounds silly now but that is actually what I thought while I was running.

Of course I didn't stop, though. There's this stubbornness inside me that refuses to quit anything. I finished my run, pushing myself several times to up my pace, and when I looked at my stats at the end, I was shocked: I'd run 3.62 miles at a sub-twelve-minute pace - my farthest distance yet! I wanted to cry because I was so proud of myself for keeping at it, for pushing myself, not just through the physical discomfort but more importantly through all the mental battles. All my hard work had paid off.
Afterwards, while reflecting on my run, it slowly began to sink in...

If I had stopped running, it wouldn't have been because I was PHYSICALLY incapable of finishing - it would have been because I was MENTALLY incapable of finishing. 

Which brings me to my point: when you're challenged, what are the first thoughts that pop up in your mind? What actions do you take (or not take) as a result of those thoughts? Today a friend of mine reminded me of the power of muscle memory. This can easily be translated to our thought patterns because when you believe something for so long, it can become difficult to see reality. Instead of seeing the truth, you can become trapped in a vicious cycle powered by your beliefs, and then positive change can seem like an impossible dream.

What are your beliefs about yourself and when was the last time you challenged them?

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